Shifted from one hotel to another, which btw was just a 5mins walk away.

It pretty much rained throughout the day so we spent our time hiding in malls and avoiding getting drenched while walking a too-long distance to get to Huaxi Night Market, which to our disappointment, had nothing much to offer. Exotic animals as food do not sit well with us.

So anyway, I was actually doing a flamingo pose below but the brilliant photographer that is my dad… he just… nvm.

Turtles’ eggs and testicles :S

And a restaurant selling snake meat claiming to be a “research centre” for snakes. Duh, the best way to research on something, is to cook it, right?

Luckily for us we found a decent place selling NORMAL Taiwan delicacy like the usual lu rou fan and braised side dishes, which left us happy and relieved that we had not walked in the rain for almost an hour for nothing. Phew

Ending with a picture of my favourite breakfast food there - 韭菜包子! That and a warm cup of soya milk on a colddddd morning, delivered by my dad who wakes up too early for his own good = bliss :’)

Apr 23 -
Taipei ✈ Day 4

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