Just had a cup of Bailey’s with milk, I’d say it tastes much better with a 1:4 (B:M) ratio this time round. Anyway, it’s Saturday and I’m at home. Ym’s at work and I don’t really know who to ask out. Everyone’s got their own company. So… I’m rather bored. Tried watching Lolita but  I’ve stopped halfway into the show. Shall continue when I feel like it.

Anyway, this was at Sauce (two Fridays ago I think) where we celebrated Jan and Jesca’s birthdays!

Like getting married :’)

The Genting gang

and the KL gang. I was in the no-gang gang :( Turned the camera around and took a self-shot after declaring that I’m obamaself, but deleted it.

Our favourite couple hehehe
And I learnt that night that flash makes QX an angry girl. See to believe
W/o flash
With flash! Hehe so cute
Linnette Emily Lau
Terence’s weird knee(s)
Last but not least the orgasmic garlic mushrooms that we ordered thrice? So yummayyy and it’s only $5. Same goes for asahi and other side dishes $5 ONLY!
I miss my friends. 

Apr 28 -

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