Love is all we'll ever need

Little girl was throwing her tantrum and wailing at the restaurant. Her mum tries to make her stop, but she doesn’t. Mum says,”Ok, stop crying and mummy will buy you a toy.” Girl stops crying IMMEDIATELY. Elaine, WX and I start laughing IMMEDIATELY. I choke while laughing. Her parents laughs. Her brother laughs.

Ok, it was really funny when we’re there. REALLY FUNNY.

Kids nowadays (some, not all) are really spoiled eh.

Jan 6

Life is temporary. Death is eternal.

And my sleep is really precious to me.


Jan 5

My last few moments of 2010, and first morning of 2011, were spent at palawan beach with wx, baby and his friends.

damn we had a good time, quoting wx, ‘alcohol, sea, music… so stoned’. saw the fireworks from the beach party opposite and i thought they’re really beautiful. it’s like pink and red (that’s all the colours i can remember) streams of light exploding in the night sky, before slowly falling like water from a streaming fountain.

everyone wished one another ‘happy new year’,…

Jan 2


it’s officially the last day of the year. i’ve never felt that a new year would be different from the current one, but this year, there’s this unexplainable feeling that i’ll achieve more happiness in 2011. i don’t remember a lot of things, but i’m glad that i remember most of the good things that happened to me this year; the bad ones, i can’t really recall, unless i attempt hard enough.


i met the (most amazing) girls.


kqx, mehrissa, cmm, jeska, jannah…

Dec 31

how difficult is it for you to wake up after at least 9hrs of sleep, and meet me in church? considering the fact that we haven’t seen each other in what, 10 days, make some effort won’t you. don’t fucking break my heart already la can?

Dec 19

1-4: Angel, friend’s dog, so cute but i somehow don’t connect with dogs.
5-8: treated parents to sushi tei. tried sake and it really isn’t my cup of alcohol (ha-ha-ha i think i’m damn funny)
9-13: christmas lights and decor at vivo. i love snowflakes!

had a loooooong weekend as there wasn’t class on friday, and i could really get used to bumming around, really. there’s school tmr, no more >10…
Dec 5

i dislike the use of superlatives, because i feel that there’s hardly one thing that can beat another in all aspects. you know, like nothing is perfect. but you’re really the best i’ve ever had. the word forever stinks, because nobody really know what happens in the future.

hi baby, i will love you forever. or for as long as my heart allows me to.

you’ll never read this anyway.


i love my friends. and maybe it’s a bad timing for me to grow closer to them when we’re gonna be doing our own…

Dec 3

1- 6:
pizza wednesday- after dominoe’s for lunch, spent part of our 5-hr break at cmm’s awesome place. 5 hours instead of 3 because our dear (erhm) tutor fell sick and postponed class. watched Fight Club, fell sleep for most parts of it, and had cheesecakeeeee and girl’s talk. got back to school for advert and it’s kinda ridiculous how we were 20 mins late though we had a 5-hr break.

it’s terence’s birthday…
Dec 2

things to look forward to, in chronological order

breakfast with the boyfriend later :)
friday! assignments be gone
clothes from f21 spree to arrive (it’s just 2 pieces, BUT STILL)
meeting up with the alevel kids/ renee+cw
christmas with friends and family!

nothing else.
i’m actually excited about internship, i’m not sure why. but i’ll miss my friends in school. can i have the best of both worlds please?

Nov 22

I am 18.

12 Nov was spent with KQX, carissa, jesca, mehrissa, gary, ryan, terence and WX. celebrated mine and gary’s birthdays at TGIF, and headed to a sleazy place to drink after which.

i was pretty touched to see everyone getting broke just to celebrate for us. thank you guys, never thought i’d make real friends* from masscomm. yeah yeah i’m skeptical in nature~

* of course, not all people are genuinely interested to form meaningful friendships and i find no reason clinging on. in…

Nov 14

need to stop relying on others to make things right.. it’s just not the right way to live. be responsible for myself, and not expect others to be responsible for me. i’m turning 18 soon, i need to grow up.

Nov 6

i love nice-smelling things, like perfumes, fresh shower scent, aroma of food. most importantly, the smell of the boyfriend after he comes out of the shower. i go crazy just sniffing him and smiling to myself like a lunatic. nobody understands lunatics isn’t it? not even psychiatrists, i think. which is why craziness can be beautiful at times. it’s unexplainable, illogical and it’s the way we should all live. live crazy and stop thinking so much (of cos there’re times we need to be serious).

Nov 5

we love pizza wednesdays
last week it was pizza @ domino’s, this week, pizzahut
pretty coincidental that ym’s class was there too

after the 3-hr break was advert. christina released us earlier at 5 to search for ads at the library, and this is the scenario:

20+ students sit on the floor at the magazines’ corner of the library and simultaneously flip through magazines. just imagine the sound of paper being flipped, 20 of them at a time. the floor and shelves are littered with the materials and…

Nov 4

i’m a constant. i’ll always be there for myself even when everyone decides to leave. people come and go, and it never hit me that i might have to understand the saying by experiencing it for myself. most of all, i’ve been too optimistic that you would never be one of those people who might leave. though i constantly have doubts that we’ll stick through thick and thin, at the end of the day i trust that we’ll still be ‘we’ ten years down the road. so i realise that i’m the only person who will…

Oct 20

these few days have been relatively calming for me, meaning i feel happy most of the time. sometimes happier, sometimes not feeling happy but just, neutral. i wish i can stay like this for long, not being upset over things or being emo for no reason. in other words, mood swings suck. literally since they suck all the energy out from me and from the people around me. i think it helps that i have things to look forward to; my order from f21 to arrive, seeing the amount of money saved at the end…

Oct 18