Love is all we'll ever need

Y: *Uses foot to touch my thigh*
S: Oi why you use your foot touch me?! Disgusting.
Y: No lah, I was touching your cellulite with my foot.

damn cb one this boyfriend.

Oct 6

it’s almost a week into october already, why so sneaky, Octo? usually i won’t be too bothered with dates but IT’S OCTOBER ALREADY! which literally means that there are 3 weeks of holidays left for me to nua my life away before school starts and i’ll be expecting inadequate sleep, peaking stressss levels and crazy deadlines to meet. ah at least that makes me more useful! *shrugs*

earlier on i tried to clean up my itunes though my library is nothing compared to everyone else’s - i have just a…

Oct 6

i enjoy days like today where i spent time out of the house with two of my favourite people - wx and ym, seperately.

wx and i spent the afternoon at bpp and we had lunch at pizzahut, after i asked her this, “Are you feeling rich today?”. i think the prawn aglio olio is pretty darn awesome. i love anything that is spicy and garlicky i guess. after which we printed out pretty photos for our bedroom walls and headed to the library to errr, pass time. we hung around the ‘fiction’ section and picked out a few novels to loan. then we went over to the section which had autobiographies of famous people, sat down on the carpeted floor and flipped through the hard-cover books trying to spot things/pictures we can laugh at/have seen on tumblr. we went on to satisfy our cravings for snacks by hunting them down, of course.

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Oct 5

these days i get really irritated when strangers get too close for comfort and i feel like my personal space has been intruded. like seriously what’s wrong with you?! it’s not as if it’s really cramped or something so just go away and not have any physical contact with me because i don’t know you and you don’t know me and there’s no reason you have to intrude my own little bubble unless that’s the only form of physical contact you can get. annoying much.

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Oct 4

I HATE RUDE PEOPLE &^%^)(^%*^89r3q0t qr yqwwebfessjhds vbdsvhdsvhj

Oct 2

tonight i cannot sleep because i don’t really want to. nope, i’m not awake thinking about things again. in fact i’ve told myself not to ‘think too much’ though i feel that there is no such thing as that. after what my dad told me last sunday and what ym told me on another day, i’ve really decided to wake up. i really won’t let people take me for granted anymore because i can’t bear the misery that comes with it. i’ll be strong for myself but not let myself be taken advantage of because it’s not worth suffering that for a person who takes you for granted. and i would say i’m doing pretty well. the adjustments i’ve made to my behaviour towards ym are pretty much evidence that i’m doing something for myself. less of you, i tell myself everyday. it’s not easy, but i try. i can’t possibly keep giving and not be appreciated. i’m not a saint. so, i’ll be strong for myself. goodbye sweet puppy love.

Oct 2

everything is temporary


oh shit

Sep 13

cillian murphy is hot

Aug 10

Wrong and happy

Right but miserable

Which would you rather be?

Aug 7

Is there ever anyone, anyone at all, who isn’t broken inside?

Apr 17

lizards/ rats/ bugs/ flying roaches/ frogs/ birds (sometimes when they fly too close)/ bats/ sound of knives being sharpened/ sound of soft pastel against paper/ dark waters/ deep waters/ bleeding eyeballs/ ghosts/ cuts (NOTE: not PAIN)/ clustered shapes (makes me feel itchy and fidgety)/ being misunderstood/ losing things/ holding a hamster/ getting terminal illnesses or cancer/ losing people/ water from the showerhead running over my head and face at the same time

till i think of more i’ll be back.

Mar 29
fears i can write about w/o fainting
Mar 21

This is fucking cliche but hey, love is so unpredictable.

Mar 19

We are ALL effing lies

Mar 19

fear of water from the showerhead running over my face.

Mar 18