Love is all we'll ever need


Isn’t the sunset just breathtaking? :’)

Oct 28
Remembering Sunday

Happy Deepavali~

Oct 27

Friday class - say WISSSSSP

Oct 23

First skype convo in months

Oct 21
Oct 20


Have been going for classes from 7pm-9pm for the past 2 days and god, it’s just the honeymoon period of this semester. Classes will be in full swing tomorrow, for me at least (proper classes started since Monday for some others). Think lectures from 9am-6pm with an hour’s break in between. Gotta be up in 6hrs, I should be sleeping now.

Din with WX before class. I love you straight/ bi/ les.

Oct 19

I’ve given my best, I’ve never tried so hard for anything in life. I don’t expect an equal amount of effort from you, perhaps just close to it? That’s all I ask, for us to be honest and either fuck it, or give our best to each other.

Keeping my fingers crossed that we’re headed for better - not for worse.

Oct 18
Speak with your actions

Whoop breakthrough of the century motherfuckers, it’s worth a mention! Of course I won’t reveal what it is.

Gnight, long day ahead

Oct 15

Just got home from a cousin’s wedding and fuck, you don’t need to be a genius to know by now that time really flies. Fact is some of my other cousins are already planning to get married or have already applied for a HDB flat. I feel old and I certainly hope I won’t be getting married before the rest of them do. The thoughts of having to slog my guts out just to live a fairly comfortable life is enough to deter me from having children. But who knows, really. Let’s see if there’s anything that will change my mind. Right now I already feel like I’m babysitting a 20-year-old baby who still makes me worried every other day.

Oct 12
post wedding thoughts

Haha my dad jst texted me from his room. 

1st text reads, “Can u come in n off the light 4 us.”

No reply because my phone neither vibrates nor rings anymore, so I didn’t notice a new text.

2nd text: “U very rude leh!”

What the hell, dad. Why’re you so cute? 

Btw, my cousin’s getting married tmr and I finally have reason to paint my nails and leave them on for just a day. Yayyyy I’m looking forward to the banquet which will be held at Grand Hyatt Hotel. It’s been long since I’ve attended a wedding function but as you can read I’m getting excited for all the politically-incorrect reasons. Who cares..?

Oct 11

Each time I say things that I don’t mean, I feel stupid just thinking back about it. That’s exactly how I feel now.

Oct 9

Some things that make me (quite) a happy girl -

Pretty stationery for school, a sweet gift from the boyfriend and my current read. 

Food & alcohol, too! Headed to Alley Bar with the boyfriend, Bing and Sean after dinner at 313 with my girls WX and Van + their colleagues who totally look far more mature than they really are.

Simple nights like these are (quite) the best. Things that have happened recently make me feel like an extremely fortunate girl.

Oct 6

Shiok dinner treat from yuming! Yum yum how I relish such food and nights

Gna start reading Norwegian Wood, heard rave reviews from many. I haven’t read a book in a long time. Shame shame.

Oct 4

Everything feels so comfortable, so right. Us falling asleep for a minute after a long day, it felt so safe. My fingers tracing your skin and yours on mine… it seemed only natural. The danger lies in misinterpreting this as a perfect relationship. Feelings are transient so let’s just live in the moment or we might as well not live. Thanks baby, for teaching me not to worry about is not within our control.


Mini post-internship celebration/surprise for Fiona last week. Glad she was surprised all thanks to white trash!

This, btw, is white trash.

Lovely cupcakes we got her from Twelve Cupcakes *yumz*

Oct 4