Love is all we'll ever need

Over to the darrrrrrk side

Reason being, too many platforms, too messy.

Oct 2
Oct 2

good food + better company

Oct 2

Day out with the folks - yumcha @ Chinatown, and later, a good night out chilling with my sisters at Starbucks

Spending enough time with everyone else but my boyfriend!

I usually don’t find it necessary to say this to anyone (IDGAF) because it isn’t applicable, but recently some people just get on my nerves when they probe into every-fucking-thing. I quite like you but you’re poking your nose too much into my personal choices (seriously) and this is for the next time you annoy me by offering your ‘solution’/ golden words of advice:

Seriously, why don’t some people know when to stfu and mind their own business. SERIOUSLY HOR.

Sep 30
can i say that i’m happy with life now? not at all. living each day as it is and trying to wise up to the cruelty of life. also, attempting to find happiness, uh what’s new? right now, i’ll jst concentrate on treating the corn on my foot (sigh), bear with my stomach cramp pain (double sigh) and think of how i can spend more quality time with my boyfriend


Sep 27

Just the night before leaving for HK, my relatives and I gathered at my grandparents’ home for the first time after Popo’s quietus. Her absence in her own home felt slightly… weird to me, and once in awhile I would look at the house and think about how a person can just vanish from the surface of the earth like that.

Whenever the adults remembered an anecdote which involved Popo, they would laugh and talk about it, and then I would sense their struggling with the fact of her passing as they…

Sep 4

To mark the end of our internship, we had a BBQ over at Fiona’s place allllll the way at Changi~ Not even kidding when I say her place is ulu… we alighted at a bus stop just opposite Changi Women’s Prison ok!!! As Huimei would say, it’s ‘mother far’.

By the way, we were such bitches to be celebrating at her place when her internship hasn’t even ended. Sucks to be you, Fiona.

I actually miss our weird talks during lunchtime. Like how every lunch ultimately involves the words ‘vibrate’,…

Sep 1

stowed away on a budget carrier to HK for a short trip with mah peaches, had so much fun i can’t even spell out what it was that made me so exhilarated. but then, now what? such short-lived pleasure.

Aug 22

hahaha one more

Aug 12

I’m afraid the insanity runs in the family… like literally sia

Violence, check

Split personality, check

Depression, check

No wonder I turned out like that???


Jul 24

as you can see my favourite things are mostly food
though i do love my friends and boyfriend too (there, i said it), i don’t have recent photographs of them
and to explain why the last photo is one of myself, well, i hope it’s OK to like myself
Jul 11

I went out with my mum on her birthday. The last time we went anywhere together must have been more than 7 years ago. On the same Sunday was when my grandmother was going back to Malaysia and wanted to see me cos’ I haven’t seen her for years. I really do not know what to say when she asks, “Why haven’t you come to visit me for so long?”. It’s also scary how age is more than just a number for the folks..

By the way my grandma’s sister really resembles her IRL. When I first saw her I thought I…

Jul 1

Text that made me laugh aloud when I was waiting for the lift alone:

Me: Your doc just call me and say you cannot eat swensen’s. He say you have to stay at home and eat bao.
Dad: Ha. ha. ha. The doctor must b crasy.

Jun 26

The people around me, no they don’t give the wisest advice.
But it’s ok, they mean well, they love me, and they want me to move on and be happy.
I’m grateful for the support that I get.

Jun 9

The weekends are over and I have to be up in about 7 hrs time to prepare for work, it’s such a drag ): I’ve learnt to appreciate my weekends more than ever because
1) Sleeping in feels SO GOOD
2) I dread work.
3) Sleep sleep sleep eat eat eat
4) I can even not touch my macbook for two days straight NO WITHDRAWL SYMPTOMS nothing

Only thing better about weekdays is that I shit more regularly
and also good thing about weekdays is that I have something to look forward to - WEEKENDS! whereas during…

Jun 7