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Shifted from one hotel to another, which btw was just a 5mins walk away.

It pretty much rained throughout the day so we spent our time hiding in malls and avoiding getting drenched while walking a too-long distance to get to Huaxi Night Market, which to our disappointment, had nothing much to offer. Exotic animals as food do not sit well with us.

So anyway, I was actually doing a flamingo pose below but the brilliant photographer that is my dad… he just… nvm.

Turtles’ eggs and testicles :S

And a restaurant selling snake meat claiming to be a “research centre” for snakes. Duh, the best way to research on something, is to cook it, right?

Luckily for us we found a decent place selling NORMAL Taiwan delicacy like the usual lu rou fan and braised side dishes, which left us happy and relieved that we had not walked in the rain for almost an hour for nothing. Phew

Ending with a picture of my favourite breakfast food there - 韭菜包子! That and a warm cup of soya milk on a colddddd morning, delivered by my dad who wakes up too early for his own good = bliss :’)

Apr 23
Taipei ✈ Day 4

Didn’t do much on our 3rd day there. Highlight of the day: spending 2hrs at a really pretty restaurant feasting on free flow dimsum, desserts and a small range of international cuisine. Totally worth it!

Tired from walking all day long and not buying anything :(

Hurhur angry Ah Mao after being crowded by overzealous passers-by who got trigger-happy, me included. He/ she is the restaurant’s mascot! Adorable but not so friendly afterall…

Abrupt end because I fucking need to sleep now

Apr 18
Taipei ✈ Day 3

Tried very hard to appreciate the artifacts showcased at the National Palace Museum but I just couldn’t… it was a torturous 2hrs spent inside especially since it was filled with thousands of rowdy visitors. No pictures in the museum itself so this is just a glimpse into what the museum’s exterior is like + the scenery

Happy to move on to our next destination, the highly-anticipated Shilin Night Market! Along the way I finally found a Koi outlet to satisfy my bubble tea craving! Cheap and shiok hehe. Who goes to Taiwan and not drink bubble tea?!

Anyway it was so cold at night! When it was windy I swear I would fucking shiver, even when we were walking along the sheltered areas (high walls on both sides as well). Don’t know how the wind came in oh god…

Weren’t really used to walking that much since it was only the 2nd day so we went for foot reflexology which turned out to be rather ticklish for me thought it was also painful. Nearly got scammed but nah, nearly. Then we took what was supposedly a 5-min walk back to our hotel but was distracted by the shoe shops which were still open at 10+pm and got stuck there for a good 45mins ha ha ha.

Slept well that night, in fact every night, because we walked a lot during the day and there were simply not that many distractions in the hotel. Wifi was quite a pain in the ass to access and there wasn’t anything particularly interesting on the television, except how I found it amusing that their formal news channels tend to intrude on the personal lives of the people featured. More like tabloid than ‘proper’ news reporting.

So yes, anyway, time to sleep and wake up in time for work at 10am because I’m no longer on holiday.

Apr 16
Taipei ✈ Day 2

Arrived at Tao Yuan airport slightly past noon, and the first on our itinerary after checking in to our hotel.. LUNCH! And we have not felt hungry ever since, at least not me. Walked around Ximending and later Wufenpu and Raohe Night Market.

Everyday’s routine was basically like this: Walk, eat, shop, and sight-see. Return to hotel, shower and watch Taiwan news. Sleep by midnight and wake before 9am. Quite happy with a routine like this I’d say. 

Apr 12
Taipei ✈ Day 1